Monday, March 31, 2014

Back aches, joint aches, woke up in the morning ( THE SUPER HEALER QI GONG)

My back bone aches, joint pains in the legs. Put both palms above facing the head and walked to the washroom to brush my teeth, while brushing with the right hand the left is above the head. Walked with both hands above the head palms facing the crown chakra, I walked to the dinning table. Sat on the chair, to my amusement, my aches all vanished. I had flashed the blockage. The amassing Qi Gong had done it.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spirits of cockroaches, mosquito, turtle, dog, strange rounded creatures.

October, I saw many, large insect a large 30cm mosquito, and I saw a dog about the size of a wolf.
On a different day a big 30  cm round creature, appearing many times.
I saw a 60cm cockroach walking.
About 2 to 3 am at night.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The happy spirits in the night

Spirits are scary, spirits are unhappy creature in the dark, spirits can harm us, oh no wrong to think that spirits are harmful, they are happy creature of the dark. Spirits are playfully, others just stay in one place, there are different type of spirits, from present to things that were extinct.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Naked baby, Empowered Emei Blanket, Quartz

Two weeks ago, I saw a naked baby spirit about 40cm walking into the office. Time about 0230hrs. The skin color was that of a living baby,pinkish. I brought an empowered blanket from my Qigong trainer, cost, $150 Singapore dollars. My wife Irene was feeling giddy ,she was lying in the bed. I spread the Emei Empowered Blanket on her and employ the Qi gong healing energy on her. After a few minutes the energy in my hands indicated that she is healed. I removed the Empowered blanket from her body. As I was putting the blanket back to the box, she walked to me and said "I think I am too tired" My grandson had fever and cough, I placed the Emei Empowered Blanket on the bed, he sat on the Blanket, I applied Qi gong on him, the energy level in my palms indicted that he had enough Qi, his temperature back to normal. I tried the Empowered Emei Blanket on my painful knees, I applied Qi on my knees, I felt a lot of pains, a few minutes later the pains diminished. I brought some quartz, and tried self healing, and I notice the pains in my knees ware gone.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tree top spirits, 2013 Lunar calendar month of the hungry ghost

Year 2013 Lunar Calendar hungry ghost month During the hungry ghosts month, it is said the ghosts are hungry, no they are not hungry at all. But be careful and be respectful, no rude remarks, never upset the spirits, the spirits released from their resting place and the spirits are allow to visit the world of the living. I saw a few spirits on the tree top. The warehouse I work is on level three, beside are trees of the same height. A black person look like a burnt out charko like sitting on the tree top.beside hike another two person who was not burnt but in ancient tradition chinese clothings,just observing the surroundings. Ghosts got nothing to do but observing the happening around them. Be careful, it's not only the God is watching, the spirits are also watching us.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shen gong, Reiki, Qi gong, Crystal healing

I practised Shen gong in the 70's, and in the year 2012 I practices Reiki, and few months later Qi gong. And now many months after enrolling in Qigong I tried crystal healing. My 1st crystal from the FB retailer, I was lucky. I brought a 20cm long ward. An amethyst, I realised I was able to heal any chakra, I looked closely and found rainbows, I got another 2 wards from a shop one a clear quartz and another a rainbow quartz. Got another 4 rainbow quartz wards and one clear quartz ward, I had painful joints, I took the newly brought rainbow quartz, I applied Qi gong healing with the rainbow quartz. The healing was faster than qigong, just amassing, the quartz amplify my Qi.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Mediation outside in the park I practice Qi gong. Once or twice a week I meditate in the park, in between meditation. I meditated the whole night, I saw birds ,chicken and cats. I saw a puppy, fowls, light and floating, pecking the "food" on the ground. After the fowl gone I saw cat. Just like our world.